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We are a family-run publisher sharing a roof with noisy magpies, bulbuls, and the occasional owl. In the tradition of Henry David Thoreau and Beatrix Potter, we believe that small independent publishers can not only create a huge impact on the world but also achieve commercial success. Please explore our best-selling children's and humor books, plus quality fiction and advice.

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The Fart Brothers Save the World

The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers Save the World!

by MD Whalen

Two gassy brothers.
One mad clown with Weapons of Mass Flatulation.
Can kid fart power save the world’s butt?

182 pages · ages 7-10 · US$7.99/£5.99/€6.99

US edition ISBN 978-962-7866-27-5
UK edition ISBN 978-962-7866-28-2

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The Fart Brothers Go to the Moon

The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers Go to the Moon!

by MD Whalen

Can these two gas-tronauts save the universe’s butt?
Willy and Peter need to get as far as possible from their sister’s kindergarten pageant. But they never expected to blast their butts into space! Do they have enough gas in their guts to save the moon from flatulent green aliens from Uranus?

180 pages · ages 7-10 · US$7.99/£5.99/€6.99

US edition ISBN 978-962-7866-31-2
UK edition ISBN 978-962-7866-32-9

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Big Book of Farty Facts

The Big Book of Farty Facts

by MD Whalen

How much do you know about farts?
Fish fart. Astronauts fart even more. Farts started wars and religions. How many farts do you breathe in on a plane? All this and more in the hilarious encyclopedia of the wild world of musical gas.

Over 100,000 copies sold · Amazon #1 bestseller

140 pages · ages 7-10 · US$7.99/£5.99/€6.99

US edition ISBN 978-962-7866-35-0
UK edition ISBN 978-962-7866-36-7
German edition ISBN 978-962-7866-51-0

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Second Big Book of Farty Facts

The Second Big Book of Farty Facts

by MD Whalen

Did you know that cats fart more in Pennsylvania? Students went to jail for farting? Did you know moth farts kill, but kangaroo farts are eco-friendly? That nurse farts are dangerous, yet inhaling farts cured the Plague? More fun facts about everyone’s favorite bodily emission.

140 pages · ages 7-10 · US$7.99/£5.99/€6.99

US edition ISBN 978-962-7866-40-4
UK edition ISBN 978-962-7866-41-1

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Big Book of Snotty Facts

The Big Book of Snotty Facts

by MD Whalen

Did you know that snot is safe to eat, but picking your nose can kill you? That mucus makes both a good toothpaste and shark repellent? How much phlegm did dinosaurs have? Do you know how much mucus you swallow every day? (Hint: half a gallon). Fascinating facts about our tastiest bodily secretion.

142 pages · ages 7-10 · US$7.99/£5.99/€6.99

US edition ISBN 978-962-7866-44-2
UK edition ISBN 978-962-7866-45-9

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Animals Greeting Cards

Animal Greeting Cards Coloring Book


Cute and funny animal greeting cards with matching envelopes to color and assemble. It’s a coloring book and activity book for kids rolled into one!

126 pages · ages 5-10 · US$6.99/£4.99/€5.99

ISBN 978-962-7866-48-0

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The Flower Boat Girl

The Flower Boat Girl

by Larry Feign

Sold as a child to a floating brothel, then kidnapped by pirates and forced to marry their leader, Shek Yang must find her own way in a world of violence, treachery, and greed, ultimately facing a choice between two things she never dreamed might be hers: power or love.

Based on the epic true story of the young woman who became the most powerful pirate in history.

436 pages · US$16.99/£12.99/€15.99

ISBN 978-962-7866-55-8

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The Flower Boat Girl

I English U

by J.R. Laurence

Serena travels the world daily, teaching English online from her kitchen table. Her dating life’s a void, work barely pays the rent, and her hamster just wrecked her car. Then a handsome Italian olive oil heir signs up for lessons. Does a better life await on the other side of the webcam?

"A perky, quirky story of love and decisions with tremendous appeal." -Novels Alive

340 pages · print · e-book · audio

ISBN 978-962-7866-57-2

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Aieeyaaa! Learn Chinese the Hard Way

by Larry Feign

The best-selling cartoon dictionary, featuring Mandarin and Cantonese and 150 topical cartoons about life, love and culture clash in China, this hilarious satirical dictionary offers comic relief to those suffering through the daunting task of learning Chinese.

160 pages · US$9.99/£7.99/€8.99

ISBN 978-962-7866-20-6

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Living Abroad

Living Abroad

by Cathy Tsang-Feign

What every expat needs to know:
The challenges of living in a foreign country don't begin and end with culture shock. If you’re planning a move abroad, you need to prepare for the unique pressures and personal and family problems common to all expatriates, which are often difficult to anticipate and a challenge to overcome. Thoughtful and sensitive advice from a clinical psychologist and relocation expert.

228 pages · US$12.99/£10.99/€11.99

ISBN 978-962-7866-18-3

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